Summer Newsletter 2020

Our year got off to a flying start with a visit from Sarah Denton, who worked with all of our Songbound choirs and Choir Leaders to prepare for their end of term concert on the theme of ‘What a Wonderful World’. You can read more about her visit below, or by clicking here.

A few weeks later Covid-19 struck and our world changed overnight. Many Songbound children were displaced with the exodus of migrant workers from India’s major cities, however we have been working hard to plan how to deliver Songbound programmes online to as many children as possible in the new term. We are also delighted that Akanksha will allow us to continue delivering some Songbound sessions face-to-face.

This newsletter is full of news from brighter days! Read on for an account of Sarah’s visit, a new Choir Leader profile, information about sponsorship opportunities, and the science behind why singing makes you happier.

Finally, now more than ever – we need your help. This pandemic is forcing us all to innovate. We believe that singing and music will be crucial to children’s wellbeing and emotional recovery after this traumatic period of isolation and separation. No matter how big or small, every donation will help us keep music in children’s lives. If you can afford it, please donate today.