Autumn newsletter

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 presents to our traditional form of rehearsing, we are very proud to have moved the majority of Songbound sessions online! We have been working regularly with over 500 children throughout the last few months, and are so impressed by the perseverance of the students and our Choir Leaders.

In this newsletter you can find two stories about how we have innovated during the crisis. One is co-written by our teams in London and Mumbai. The other is written by one of our inspirational Choir Leaders. We hope you enjoy these insights into how we are keeping the show on the road.

oval image. Young Indian boy in a navy blue, short-sleeved polo shirt has his hand up. Seated in a group of children, all wearing brightly coloured clothes.

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Covid-19: a new challenge for Songbound

Over the last few months, we have developed new rehearsal techniques using WhatsApp and Google Meets. Our Choir Leaders have been brilliant, and adapted readily to this new way of working. Click here to read more about our solutions to the pandemic.

Choir Leader profile: Ria Master

Ria joined Songbound as a Choir Leader in 2017, when she was just 18 years old.

“I strongly believe that music should be a part of every school’s curriculum in India and be treated with equal importance to other subjects, without the notion of it being an extracurricular activity.”

Find out more about Ria here.

Young Indian woman in a tie-die t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, green socks, trainers and a denim jacket. Standing on some rocks in front of a sunset.

Last but not least, Songbound founder Joe and his wife Lucy have made this video to encourage our choirs to keep singing!