Choir Leader profile: Larry Pereira


  • Prerana at Grant Road (31 children)
  • Prerana at Turbe (10 children)

How long have you been working for Songbound?

This is my fourth year working for Songbound.

How did you get involved?

Maureen Pereira (Songbound’s programme lead) is the head of my parish choir. She invited me to join the group.

What difference does Songbound make to the children?

Songbound makes a huge difference to the children I have under my care – this is a safe and joyful space for them to interact with each other despite the difficult lives they live. New children in the choir are often reserved, but slowly begin to interact more freely and grow in confidence.

What is their favourite Songbound song?

Nanuma way ee ay nanuma

What is your favourite Songbound memory?

Their recent performance in September at their own centre. It amazed me to hear the choir sing so beautifully.

What are your first memories of making music?

I was a bit afraid to start with but the training from Songbound has made me more confident.

“Music is important because it helps you forget your pain and misery. It leads you to a world that is your own, where you can be your true self.”