The choir at Akanksha Sitaram Mills Public School started in mid-2013. It was just one choir at first, but as the children grew it split into a senior and junior choir. Over the years, Astrid Pereira, Shreyans Iyer, Maureen Pereira and now Ria Master have been Choir Leaders at Sitaram Mills.  There are currently 52 children in the combined choirs.

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I believe that if I had the opportunity to do this so should everyone else… Music is an important part of making the brain develop fully.

Ria Master

Sitaram Mills Choir Leader

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In March 2019 Sitaram Mills Sr. choir had a workshop with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and the Mehli Mehta Foundation choir and ensemble at the NCPA. The performance was conducted by rising star Salome Rebello.

The children learned to sing the famous chorus from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and the popular song ‘Jai Ho’.

You can see more pictures and videos from the workshops with the Orchestra at this link.

Choir-leader Ria Master gives us some insight into the personalities of her two choirs at Sitaram Mills:

The Sitaram Mills choirs are full of energy and chatter. There are two choirs: Junior and Senior choir.

The Junior choir is all about running around and using the constant supply of energy that pumps through their bodies. They’re easily distracted by even a small insect, but they are very keen and vocal observers. They love songs with actions and new words. Singing in different languages is a challenge which they like! There are always giggles going around during class, which makes me wonder how the children can find joy in every little thing. While learning songs they are quick to pick up complex rhythms and melodies. Most of the children have been a part of Songbound for 3 years.

The Senior choir have minds that are awake and grasping the new knowledge that they learn every day. Since they are older the songs need not be broken down for their understanding, and large chunks of work are completed in a short time. They’re curious and always want to sing popular songs they’ve heard on YouTube. Most of the children in this choir have been a part of Songbound for 5 years. They love to get extra information about the music they are singing.

During concert time the children get really excited as they feel that they’re part of something bigger than their regular Thursday classroom rehearsal. While performing they’re alert, watching all nonverbal cues and most importantly: singing together.

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In September 2019 the choir held a concert for their friends and family in the school.

They sang pieces including:

  • Over the Rainbow
  • Magic Penny
  • Drip Drop Rain
  • Tickly Rain
  • A Ram-Sam-Sam