Earlier this year we welcomed a new Operations Manager: Vikramaditya Shettigar. We decided it was time for you all to meet him!

Tell us a little about what your job involves: 

My work revolves around co-ordinating and supporting the Songbound team in driving ground-level activities, workshops, events, and musical collaborative opportunities to bring the strategic vision of Songbound to life. The other aspect of my role is liaising with Salaam Bombay Foundation and partners, maintaining accounts and managing budgets, contributing to development and implementation of strategies, policies, and practices in consultation with the UK team.

How did you hear about Songbound?

I first heard about Songbound from our family friend, Melisia Pereira, a year ago, when she excitedly told us about her association with Songbound and its initiatives. I was impressed with Soungbound’s depth of work in leveraging the power of music and community to drive positive change in the lives of under-privileged children.

What role has music played in your life?

Music has always had a soothing and rejuvenating effect on me. It helps me centre myself and relax.

What excites you most about joining the team at Songbound?

Songbound’s mission of channelling the transformative power of music to make an impact in the lives of under-privileged children and inspire a positive change enthuses me to be a part of the team and contribute to the mission.