Choir leader profile: Barbara Pereira


  • Mumbai Mobile Creche Powai (8-10 children)
  • Mumbai Mobile Creche Bahkti Park (11 children)

How did you get involved with Songbound?

I started as a chaperone two years ago – I loved to watch visitors teaching the children. In June 2017 Maureen (Operations Manager) promoted me to be a choir leader.

What difference does Songbound make to the children?

The children have become more confident. Although they cannot converse in English they are not shy and are willing to learn.

What is their favourite Songbound song?

At Bhakti Park their favourite song is Jinkli Nona.

What is your favourite Songbound memory?

I think my favourite memory is watching Mr Kevin Fox teaching children Sa Re Ga Ma with hand gestures.

What are your earliest memories of experiencing music?

Listening to Hindi film songs in the early 90’s when old songs were remixed.

Why do you believe music is important for children?

Music lifts people up. Mumbai Mobile Creche Powai has a very beautiful sign up:

Research says that music can really lift up a depressed person’s mood. When a depressed person listens to their favourite songs, it helps to calm the mind and generate happy hormones in the brain.

Since I got involved with Songbound I have begun to appreciate the way people sing and play their instruments.

Watch Barbara interview her students at MMC Bhakti Park:

Watch students at MMC Powai work with Barbara: