About Songbound

Songbound, established in 2012, is an outreach initiative that brings the transformative power of music to some of India’s poorest and most marginalised children. In cooperation with local partners Songbound sets up and sustains children’s choirs that rehearse weekly, in a safe environment, in preparation for exciting performance events throughout the year.

Since 2012, Songbound has built up a network of 17 choirs (15 in Mumbai and 2 in Bangalore), impacting the lives of over 600 children. Local choir leaders from a wide variety of Indian and Western musical backgrounds receive training from international vocal experts who, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading musicians, help the children to grow in confidence, feel valued and work towards long-term goals.

Why Choirs?

Voices are free and music is good for us; it helps soothe, increase focus and diminish aggression. Singing with others helps to develop team skills, respect for others, and encourages a sense of belonging and self-esteem. For us at Songbound, a choir isn’t just about sharing in the joy of singing together; it’s also about learning how to integrate yourself fully into a community both as an individual and team-player.


Our syllabus is designed to provide a healthy mix of musical genres so that the children’s horizons are broadened beyond their own claustrophobic world. As a result of our love of good music from every corner of the world, our children are constantly singing in multiple languages. To help contextualise the singing, each term is given a theme that relates to that time of year and all songs are chosen accordingly.

Project Songbound

Project Songbound is an internet-based song-writing initiative that gives our children the opportunity to write their own songs in collaboration with musicians and schools across the globe. Project Songobund provides all parties involved with unique cultural dialogues and a rare sense of shared, creative ownership.