January Newsletter


In September, 200 Songbound children performed in our end of syllabus performance in Dadar. The theme for this term was ‘Celebration’ and we were extremely lucky to have Phoebe Rees with us in Mumbai for the whole week prior to the show, inspiring our kids and putting together all the wonderful work of the choirs’ brilliant choir leaders. Phoebe is a fiddle player from Scotland and she mesmerised the kids with her beautiful playing and singing of some well travelled Scottish folk tunes!

Classical Movement’s new India Choral Fellowship

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts Neeta Helms and her team at Classical Movements (USA) for supporting us via her newly formed India Choral Fellowship. We were proud and extremely grateful to host the first ICF fellow Kevin Fox who spent two weeks visiting rehearsals, running training sessions and supporting our team with tirelessly whilst in town. Thank you Neeta and thank you Kevin!

Singing in the Rain

HUGE thanks to the amazing Lucy Griffiths for leading such a fantastic week of workshops and training with all of our choirs and leaders, culminating in a huge ‘singing in the rain’ concert!

We also had to say a fond farewell at the concert to two of our choir leaders who are heading to the UK and Canada to do further music training – we are very proud of Tamara and Shreyans and we can’t wait to see you back with Songbound soon!

Thank you also to Lucy Page, Simon Ponsford and Ashlee Clapp for their generous participation in the workshops and concert, and we hope to see you again soon too!

Great Song Cycle

Great Song Cycle – Jo Wallfisch, August 2016

Inspired by her work with our children a year earlier, Jo decided to tour the West coast of
India in aid of Songbound. Tour bus? Nah, bike!

One Year On – remembering ‘The Colour in Us’ and the inspiring visit of the Jesus College Cambridge Choir

One year ago, Mumbai’s coolest live music venue, blueFROG, hosted a ground-breaking concert featuring a combined choir of Songbound children and the Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge. Over the course of a week, the entire 30 strong student choir worked non-stop with five of our children’s choirs in preparation for the special event. Coinciding with Holi, the Festival of colour, the theme was ‘The Colour in Us’.

To make the project a reality, Mark Williams, the Cambridge choir’s visionary director, encouraged his students to raise funds in order to ensure that Songbound could continue its work long after they left – they raised a huge £10,000! With the fondest memories we post this video and look forward to a return visit very very soon.

On the Shoulders of Giants – LSO, Dan Harding and British tenor Andy Staples visit Songbound

British Tenor Andy Staples from Opera for Change is visiting several Songbound choirs in Mumbai this week with conductor Daniel Harding and players from the London Symphony Orchestra. Andy, always keen to tell and explore new stories in us all, will take our kids and LSO players on an exciting voyage of discovery, through music, both familiar and totally new.