Past Projects

The Dream Catcher, February 2014

Hannah Conway, one of the UK’s leading youth-music project animateurs, spent two weeks with our choirs in Mumbai and Bangalore. Exploring the term’s theme of migratory birds, the children developed a story about a dreamcatching bird and wrote their own songs to supplement already learned bird-themed music. The result was a spectacular musical, written and performed by 130 Songbound children with performances at the Samayalram Orpanage in Bangalore and blueFROG in Mumbai.

Rain Song, September 2013

During the monsoon, Alison Hill from the world famous Monteverdi Choir led a combined Songbound choir of 60 children in a performance that showcased water-themed songs learned that term. The children were also treated to solo performances by their talented, choir leader role models of Bollywood, Indian classical, Western classical, jazz, Japanese pop and English folk songs.

The Colour in Us, March 2013

Coinciding with Holi, the festival of colour, the entire 30 strong choir of Jesus College, Cambridge visited Mumbai to work with five of our children’s choirs in preparation for a special event at the city’s coolest venue, blueFROG. Coinciding with Holi, the Festival of colour, the theme was ‘The Colour in Us’.

Sawaale, autumn 2012

Sawaale was the inaugural Project Songbound project. Over the course of six weeks, children from Goldsworth Primary School in Woking, UK and the Songbound Prerana Choir communicated over the internet to compose their own song, ‘Sawaale’ (Questions in Hindi). Sessions that were led in Woking by Martin Lawrence (horn player with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and Orchestra Revolutionaire et Romantique) and Jo Lawrence (violinist with the Academy of Ancient Music) and in India by Songbound choir leader and playback singer Tamara Menon. The project culminated with a live video link-up between the children who, together, performed the world premiere of Sawaale, the song that they could jointly call their own.

India Song, January 2012

Seven musicians from the Mahler Chamber Orchestra visited Mumbai to work with three Songbound choirs and to explore, through music, the theme of home and belonging. Each session culminated in a community performance of songs worked on together during the workshops.