Donate / Get Involved

Since singing is free, we have already managed to do a lot in such a small space of time. However, to fulfil our dreams of reaching out to even more children right across India we need more funds. We are eternally grateful to the individuals who have already very generously helped fund our work; without them none of this would be happening.

Here are some ways that you could really help us to change the lives of so many more disadvantaged children in India

Sponsor a Choir

Sponsoring a choir for an entire year costs a mere £400.


There are many imaginative ways that you can raise funds. In preparation for their trip to India in 2013, the choral scholars of the Jesus College Choir ran around the college quadrangle in their cassocks! Please feel free to contact us for more ideas on how to organise a fund-raising event.

Become a Choir Leader

To be a choir leader, you don’t need to be the world’s best singer. If you like music, can sing a tune, can laugh at yourself and like to work with children we would love to hear from you. We provide all our choir leaders with ongoing training opportunities from international and local choir leading experts so that they can develop the confidence and simple techniques needed to ensure their children reap the full benefits of group singing.


Many musicians touring in India struggle with the sad reality of performing exclusively to a concert going elite in the country’s most prestigious venues. We at Songbound can provide musicians visiting India the opportunity to engage with the poverty they see daily on the streets, safe in the knowledge that their contribution will add to an ongoing programme of musical and social development in the most challenging communities.

If you are a professional, student or amateur musician or music ensemble and would like to plan an Indian tour that makes a difference, we can help; we can help design tailor-made trips which include interactive workshops and performance events with our Songbound choirs.